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Happy Customers

Satta from Mont-ral, Spain

Martin was a natural with the camera. He made Sophia feel at ease and was able to capture some great spontaneous moments. He was patient and kind, and happy and this was obvious in the results of the photographs, which were fabulous!

Susana from Vila-seca, Tarragona, Spain

It has been a pleasure that Martin took pictures of our recently expanded family. The baby was surprisingly comfortable with his presence during the whole session, his peaceful mood set the perfectly calm atmosphere for relaxed and natural family pictures. He has been professional and diligent, proposing ideas for a polished result.

Magnus D. Kjeldal - Opera singer from Norway

Working with Martin was a pleasure. He had ideas, showed creativity and we could really play together during the session. I wanted promotional photos, head shots, and some casuals for personal use. The photos came out great and they show exactly what I wanted. He really captures the moment!

Camilla Mathias - Actress / Musician from UK

Martin was so spontaneous, positive, creative and professional. I'm delighted with his shots and look forward to working together more...

Loto Vázquez from Spain

I love Martin's work: he is fun, super enjoyable, passionate and also a perfectionist in a good sense. His pictures are a gift for the senses. I feel thankful after working with him.

Micci Gorrod from Berkhamsted, UK

We asked Martin to take some photos of us for our website (The Conscious Creative) and we were really happy with the outcome. He made us feel very relaxed and gave us a variety of looks and lighting to choose from. I would recommend him! Thanks Martin.

Fabienne from Belgium

Thank you for the wonderful pictures. It was a pleasure to see you working as a photographer. Your sympathy is amazing, full of good humor. Everything becomes easier to make the best from the person. You are a great professional, I will recommend you to many of my friends, A big hug.

About Martin Tsachev

Artist & Photographer

Martin Tsachev

I remember many years ago when I was still in my teens my grandfather used to do black & white film photography. I loved going into the dark room with only red light and dipping the photographic paper in the 2 liquids. Waiting patiently for the shades to start appearing on the white paper and form figures. It took a lot of work to get a photo but the process had its own charm.

The first time I got my own camera it was actually digital so none of that was there anymore, which makes it quicker and easier to play with the camera. I just happened to be naturally good with the camera pretty much from the first time I was taking photos. Many of my friends were telling me I make good photos and I just loved photography and it became my main hobby.

I ended up doing courses later on as I just couldn't naturally hit everything that I wanted and trial and error didn't always work... so I had to learn from the experience of others instead of continuing to bang my head against the wall.

I had photography as a hobby for 10 years before starting to do it professionally and to be honest I still love doing my own things, like macro photos, I don't really know why I like them but I like them.

I love capturing the magic of a moment and being able to vividly remember it when looking at the photo again. I love photos that show innocence, joy, connection, nurturing and caring.

Get in touch if you are interested in my services. I am based in Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain.

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